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Important notes:

    Make sure you have Xcode Command Line Tools installed. Won't work without it.
    If upgrading, please run CloverGrower.command first.

What is it??; Simple compile Tool For Clover UEFI/bios OS X Booter, suitable for Novice.

Downloads, Compiles and makes package for Clover UEFI/bios bootloader by slice & company

Boots the following: (will add more as they come to light)

OS X: Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion

Windows: Linux: Unix:

Unzip and run CloverGrower.command, you only need to do this ONCE. CloverGrower will download all sources, GCC4.8.0 ( will use latest version), edk2 and Clover. First build will take some time as it needs to compile GCC4.8.0, then it builds edk2 BaseTools and then compiles Clover.

On subsequent uses you only need to open terminal and type "clover" CloverGrower will update any source files from edk2 or Clover and build you a package.

This is more suited to the Developer/AdvancedUser. CloverGrowerPro at

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